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"Sarah has channeled for me several times. The information she has given me has always answered my questions and helped me to step forward in my life. She has also helped me with past life regressions which were amazing. To discover the journey of where my soul has walked and what it has experienced brought fully rounded information to who I am today. Sarah has created a safe and loving environment in which you can grow, manifest your spiritual gifts, or simply have answer to what is happening in your life today. Thank you for sharing the blessings of your gifts."- CK, Ventura Ca. 






"I recently had an amazing session with Sarah. She is a powerful medium and was able to channel my spirit guides and angels. I feel so much better to have the comfort of that wonderful experience. It was a glorious session. I love this sweet soul. Sarah is an Earth Angel."

 - Jeff, Ventura, Ca.




"Crossing paths with you and your teachings has really allowed me to enjoy the time I'm here.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am so thankful for you. You have taught me so much and just like you said in your video... Life DOES get easier - once you let go and gain the tools you need to "fix" things. I can't wait to continue this journey with you as my guide." - LBR, Ventura, CA






"I did some past life regression work with Sarah. I felt so safe with her, which allowed me to see the lives that would most help me now. She helped me see the bigger picture as to why I incarnated in those lives and released any ties that were holding me back. She is awesome!" - Hydee, Camarillo, CA






"This was my first time taking a class with Sarah, I very much enjoyed her classes and especially her meditation sessions. I was sad to see the class end but I am looking forward to taking more classes with Sarah. I feel that I got exactly what I was going for, thank you Sarah for the wonderful experience." - LR






"I can't say how happy and grateful I am that I got to be a part of Sarah's spirituality class! Even if I went into it scattered and distracted, I still walked away noticeably calmer and more at peace with the world. My biggest takeaway from the whole class series was the overall feeling that my energetic vibration was simply higher, as I found myself feeling far wiser, happier, and more accepting. Whereas before I rarely meditated or prayed, I now make it a habit every day to use the visualizations we learned in Sarah's classes - and I can honestly say it has been helping me immensely. Endless thanks to Sarah for bringing us this mind-altering experience!" - NS





"Sarah's early spirituality class was an amazing experience, that has helped me understand my spiritual journey on a much deeper level. Meditating has become a daily ritual for me due to her class. Highly recommend these classes." - MC







"Sarah gave a wonderful healing session to myself and my daughter to help give her support for the bad dreams she was having. It was a miraculous thing to see the immediate calming effect this had on her, both during the session and for an extended time afterward. Sarah is so talented and I highly recommend her!"  FD, San Francisco, Ca





"The past life regression with Sarah was a phenomenal experience. Not only were questions answered by the lives visited, a back pain I had suffered with for years was gone after the session. Her Spirituality Class is great - interesting information and powerful meditations. It has made my own meditations much deeper. Thank you, Sarah!"  Debbie, Vetura, Ca






"What an incredibly peaceful, profound & healing meditation this morning Sarah! I still have such a lovely vibration from the experience...thank you!" - Sheri, Ventura, Ca






"Thank you so very much for blessing my daughter with your gifts yesterday. She loved it and said it was cool. She's excited about the future. The drama class part really stuck with her, too. Love you so much. You are amazing."  - LR, Ventura







"I wanted to share how wonderful Sarah's readings, classes and healings are! Everytime I attend a meditation or receive a reading I am enlightened and inspired, and her messages really ring true. The recent healing session I had with her is still working on me...and allowing me to fully start recognizing some of my inner truths and what I can do to move forward, WOW!  Thank you Sarah for being such a beautiful lady, and for sharing your amazing gifts!"  - SH






"Your visit made an enormous contribution to me. Like Miracle Grow for my soul. Pulled the weeds out!" - DH  







"WHAT A BLESSING AND HONOR TO BE WITH YOU YESTERDAY! Thank you so much for clearing guidance and confirmation from what I have been receiving." - Lida, Ventura






"It was truly a wonderful experience yesterday at my appointment with you. Thank you, Sarah, you've been guiding me on a path I've been searching for a long time." -WB, Ventura






"Sarah - STILL/Always a pleasure! You are such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your patience when we were late. We'll be in touch again. :)" KS, Simi Valley







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