February Energy Update

Saturday, February 6, 10:00-11:30 AM PST      

We will meet on Saturday this month to work around Super Bowl Sunday.

90 minutes, $15

Call in or watch live with Zoom


Recording available to anyone who’d like to buy and watch later


Topic: To be determined

-My guides explanation of what the most important thing we need to be doing right now.

-What is happening in the cosmos to support our spiritual growth?

-How are our souls are helping with the development of Earth right now?

-Going deeper to create your stability

-Mindfulness meditation to create mind-body coherence and feel illuminated

Look again for MARCH'S ENERGY UPDATES on Sunday, March 7th, 10:00AM PST 

Spirit Guides 102 Workshop


Saturday, February 13, 10:00AM-1:00PM PST       

3 Hours, $55

Call in or watch live on Zoom


This class is for Intermediate level. We will dive deeper into January’s topics, build your communication skills with your spirit guides, and practice some new techniques that will give you the boost you've been looking for.


-How to practice energy hygiene 

-Sitting in the power and attunement with guides

-Calling in your spirit guides

-How do guides talk to us?

-Channel writing

-Practice meditations

New Year - New Me!


Saturday, February 27, 10AM PST       

1.5 - 2 Hours, $15

Join live online with Zoom OR buy now to watch anytime in February.


Have you changed a lot in the last year? Who are you today? What principles have moved to the background and which values have moved to the forefront of your expression. This fun, quick class will help you organize your thoughts about yourself and how to move forward in 2021. 


- How many roles do you play in other's lives?

- What makes you, YOU?

- How do you express your inner most qualities?

- What aspects of you are getting retired and what's coming into 2021? 

- Learn more about making goals for 2021

Free Event - Make a Vision Board with some online friends

Sunday, February 28, 10AM PST       


Join live online

What are you manifesting in 2021? Since gathering together in large groups, sharing magazines, swapping scissors and glue may not be the safest for us yet, we'll try this out virtually.  I'm hosting a free virtual get-together for doing Vision boards. We'll gather on Zoom together, laugh, be silly, meet some new people, be inspired, be creative, etc. while working on our own vision boards.


I love to do vision boards each new year to help me focus on my new goals for the year. This poster becomes a visual reminder on my wall as I move throughout the year so I don't get sidetracked. It keeps me focused on what keeps me inspired! I'll share with you some tips and describe the two types of vision boards I do each year. I'll guide you in a meditation before we get started to help focus your thoughts on this coming year, set some soul-goals and feel into what 2021 wants to express through you.  Then we'll get to the cutting and pasting!

Here is a great article to learn more about making vision board or manifesting boards


Pull together SOME or ANY of these items before we start the class so you will have everything you need:

- One or more poster boards of any size, color or shape that calls to you

- Scissors, glue, one-sided tape or two-sided tape

- Sharpies, paints, colored pencils

- Pretty beads, jewels, sequin, glitter, flowers, art supplies of any kind

- Magazines that represent things you love, inspire you, favorite subjects, goals

- Print from your computer any images of things you'd like to manifest this year

- Bring doodles, sketches, any art work

How your vision board looks is completely up to you. It can be all images, only words, your own sketches. Be original, have fun, don't worry what it looks like when your done. This is playtime and your kids can even join!