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7-Day Meditation Workshop - 

Sitting in meditation helps to calm our nervous system so we can notice the subtle energies of our guides working with us. When you go into a meditative (day-dreamy) state with the intention to be attuned to your spirit team, you accelerate different aspects of your spiritual development. Meditation helps deepen your intuition, helps you receive messages more clearly from your spirit guides, clears the mental and emotional static in your auric field, can clear subtle aches and pains from the body, grounds and clears your energy, helps manifest things into your life, and more.


Let’s deepen your spiritual practice, help you feel more connected to your soul, be more clear-minded, feel less emotionally dysregulated, feel more peaceful, and find a new community of souls that think like you do.


This 7-Day Meditation Challenge meets live on Zoom for seven consecutive days. Each day you will be introduced to new meditative techniques that helps you with all of the above goals, and more! 

1 hour for 7 days, $33


Myth: You don't have to clear everything out of your mind to meditate.

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