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About my journey...

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I have been in touch with aspects of my psychic gifts my whole life. As a child and teen, I intuitively knew how to astral travel and recall past lives of my own. I was always very sensitive to spirits and would often see them in our house.  Telepathically, I would hear my mother singing or talking to herself. 


Although I had very understanding parents who believed in me, they did not share the same gifts. They did not know how to guide me to understand or develop what I experienced. Like many people do, I ignored my psychic gifts as long as possible and pursued a "normal" life. I spent eight 1/2 years enlisted in the United States Air Force, used my GI Bill to receive my Bachelors Degree in psychology, operated/owned a family business and raised a family. 


In my early thirties I began to suspect I was a medium. My spiritual gifts were so strong that I could not ignore them anymore. Not only was I fully aware of spirits around me again, but I understood their concerns. I could feel their emotions, hear what they said and could see what they looked like in my mind's eye. My telepathy came back in full swing too. Unfortunately, I still had no idea why this was happening or what to do about it! I prayed for some answers and relief.


Divine intervention answered my call and I ran into a friend who introduced me to a medium she knew. She validated what I suspected, I was a real medium!  I was relieved to understand who and what I was, but a whole new basket of questions came up for me. Luckily,  the medium set me up with my first set of angel meditation classes. Meditation was completely new to me, but I worked to develop the skill. I read books, took classes and continued to get guidance from mentors. Stepping into my gifts felt vulnerable, but not  honoring who I really was, was creating discomfort and dis-ease in my life.

I now work as a psychic medium, healer, teacher, and spirituality coach. I connect people with their spirit guides in intuitive readings. I hold meditation classes to help individuals develop their own natural intuitive gifts, facilitating their ability to connect with their guides. I help individuals learn about their past lives in readings, meditations and past life regressions. As a trance medium healer, I enter into a lightly meditative state allowing healing energy (God's Love) to flow through me, clearing and healing negative energy off the client. 


I am an ordained minister, certified medium, past life regression therapist, and yoga teacher. I work with the archangels, ascended masters and the ancient healers to help individuals let go of negative energy held within their body and move forward in bettering their lives. I work with individuals in-person and all around the globe via Skype, email, text, and phone for sessions. I'd be honored to work with you too.

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