Transformational Coaching


Coaching sessions are ideal for those moving through a BIG transformative life change such as learning how to use your intuitive gifts for the world, the loss of a love, starting over again, healing from mild to moderate trauma, divorce or custody issues, building a new business, becoming a leader, or changing careers. Stepping into your divine power and major life changes can bring up uncertainty, self-doubt, fear, guilt, anxiety, and old traumas. 


Spirit guides help me locate the energetic belief system of the fear that needs to be healed in order to help you feel empowered, build self-love and transform your life with greater ease. Each 90 minute session will target the specific fears that have come up, energetically clearing them to keep you feeling more balanced and positive about your transformation.  Sessions may include intuitive readings that support the transformation, teaching you how to use your intuitive gifts, life-coaching as well as energy clearing.


Sessions are sold in packages of 3, 5, & 10 to maximize your potential momentum forward.

3  -  90 minute sessions           $525 ($15 discount)

5  -  90 minute sessions           $850 ($50 discount)

10  - 90 minute sessions          $1700 ($100 discount)

Spiritual Energy Clearing


Powerfully emotional events can leave cords and energetic scars. These old wounds can create a blocks or repetitive patterns in your life. You can even carry these from past lives into this one. The wounds that are pertinent to our current life lessons become activated, increasing the intensity of the our uncertainties, stuckness, fears, traumas, discomfort, etc. 


In a fully relaxed, awakened state we discuss challenges you may be experiencing. We will work together to energetically heal and release your unneeded soul baggage. This service can also greatly aid large transitions in your life such as changing jobs or ending a relationship.

Held by Skype, Zoom or phone.

90 mins. $180

60 mins. $125

Intuitive Readings with your Angels & Guides


Your Divine Guides can give you messages that are enlightening and encouraging. Whether you are just curious who your guides are or facing major life decisions, your guide's loving perspective can open your eyes, boost your confidence, and settle your heart. You can ask your own questions.


Held by Skype, Zoom or phone.

60 min - $125

30 min - $75