Guided Meditations

Meditation Club

Embark on a spiritual journey with me throughout 2020. The Meditation Club is perfectly suited for you if you need a little extra support getting your meditation practice started, have trouble meditating on your own, or just love meditating in groups. Accessing this group on-line helps you quickly unplug from the physical world and enter into your sacred meditation space. Live channeled meditations are unique because the spirit teams supporting the group create a guided meditation that perfectly suits what the collective’s needs. You’ll also notice a sweet supportive energy drift that is created when you are part of a meditation club.

Members of the Meditation Club receive:

  • Session will be live on Zoom each week

  • There may be a few sessions during the year that will pre-recorded if I have a conflicting event or if it falls on a holiday.

  • Have access to audio recordings the entire year so you can go back to your favorites

  • Sessions are 60-90 minutes

  • Channeled spiritual philosophy in some meditation sessions

  • Learn new meditation techniques

  • Receive my guides perspective of what’s happening in the Collective and why

  • Be part of a spiritual community

  • Live Q&A sessions where I’ll bring the spirit team’s answers to your questions

  • choose how to pay - in full, simi-annually, or quarterly

WHEN:  Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 PM   Pacific Standard Time

Payment plans:

Quarterly - $93

Bi-Annual - $186

Yearly - $371​


Please email me to sign up for the Meditation Club and arrange payment plans.

Sunday Radiance - Global Mediations


December through January join this free meditation to center your spiritual energy within your body. Through mindfulness we will practice feeling comfortable in the present moment, clear our energy, receive light activations from our guides, and support the changing energies from 2020-2021.  There are many changing energies on the planet during this time. We're moving up in dimensional energies and timelines. This mediation space is aimed to help you through this moment in time as well as send loving energy to those souls who need support in this world at this time. We will send energy to the planet, environment, and other souls in need of extra love right now.

WHEN:  Sunday 9:30-10:00 AM  Pacific Standard Time

WHERE: Live on Zoom

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