Guided Meditations

Meditation Club

Embark on a spiritual journey with me throughout 2020. The Meditation Club is perfectly suited for you if you need a little extra support getting your meditation practice started, have trouble meditating on your own, or just love meditating in groups. Accessing this group on-line helps you quickly unplug from the physical world and enter into your sacred meditation space. Live channeled meditations are unique because the spirit teams supporting the group create a guided meditation that perfectly suits what the collective’s needs. You’ll also notice a sweet supportive energy drift that is created when you are part of a meditation club.

Members of the Meditation Club receive:

  • Session will be live on Zoom each week

  • There may be a few sessions during the year that will pre-recorded if I have a conflicting event or if it falls on a holiday.

  • Have access to audio recordings the entire year so you can go back to your favorites

  • Sessions are 60-90 minutes

  • Channeled spiritual philosophy in some meditation sessions

  • Learn new meditation techniques

  • Receive my guides perspective of what’s happening in the Collective and why

  • Be part of a spiritual community

  • Live Q&A sessions where I’ll bring the spirit team’s answers to your questions

  • choose how to pay - in full, simi-annually, or quarterly

WHEN:  Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 PM   Pacific Standard Time

Payment plans:

Quarterly - $93

Bi-Annual - $186

Yearly - $371​


Please email me to sign up for the Meditation Club and arrange payment plans.