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Empower your Vision

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The Empower Your Vision Retreat offers...

  • ways to more easily tune into your own internal guide and, instead of working so hard to figure it all out, have your vision emerge 

  • the space and process to tune into a new or existing vision and craft a clear do-able plan to bring it into reality

  • the support of like-minded women to share your vision with and brainstorm possibilities 

  • the stillness and tools to hear the intuitive whispers and move forward with less doubt and more confidence

  • the experience of feeling in the flow of life and discovering every day magic  

  • being more clear, present and able to rise above the chaos 

  • presence to gratitude, more energy and a natural attraction to new, congruent opportunities and soul-nurturing people into your life

  • visions moving forward with velocity and beyond what your mind imagined 

Empower Your Vision Retreat is...

Limited to 12 women and held at a gorgeous, private venue in The Colony, Park City, Utah. This is a three night transformative experience for open-hearted, forward thinking women. Take pause, recharge, clear old energy, get grounded in personal truth, claim a vision, craft a clear do-able plan, be inspired and soar!

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Work one-on-one with Jaime Myers during the breaks to map out your vision

Feel inspired with creative Art sessions guided by Laurie Eastwood

Meditations, group yoga, private intuitive readings, and healing sessions will be provided by Sarah Keene


Healthy and Delicious meals will be provided by private chef and Nutritionist, Audrey Lee, PhD

To tap into your powerful intuition and have clarity on your vision, it is essential to clear the space in our mind, body and soul.  

Meditation, energy clearing, painting, music and inquiry will be integral parts throughout the retreat to...

  • clear the clutter of the mind

  • heal the next layer of disempowering beliefs

  • be grounded in the bigger picture

  • discover the creator in you

  • gain clarity on your vision and next steps

  • play, laugh, rest and rejuvenate

  • connect with and be supported by powerful, like-minded women 

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