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Those who seek out the truth of the universe will find that they become enlightened and guided more so everyday. We are all teachers, healers, and students. We grow as we work toward the betterment of all mankind.


~ Sarah's Divine Guides

I have been working as a medium and healer in Ventura, Ca since 2012. I help my clients feel more peaceful as they traverse their divine life path by connecting them to their spirit guide team and passed loved ones. Intuitive readings, energy healing, and coaching with me help clients understand their challenges and karma as opportunities to create an empowered future. I am grateful to be in service to humanity as a healer. My passion for psychology, neuroscience, mediumship, meditation, entrancement, energy healing, yogic wisdom, ayurveda, essential oils and more have become tools I use everyday to help my clients become more successful in life. I look forward to connecting with you too. Sending you my very best, Sarah Keene

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